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How SocialClickers Works

We all enjoy being in the limelight. Websites need traffic, businesses need prestige, individuals need followers, bloggers need audience. There are many ways social media users entice visitors in liking or following their content. While having great content is the prerequisite for passive social media growth, social media people often used content lockers, contests and giveaways to grow audience base fast. In many cases, advertisers buy likes, followers or bookmarks and so often they get scammed with so-called real (real-looking software generated) likes and followers. To put an end to such worries and revolutionize social media marketing ideas socialclickers was born…

We give them more reasons to like, follow, watch or share your content

Here at SocialClickers, users get credits whenever they like, follow, watch or share something. Later they can use that credit to promote their own content. As a result thousands of like-minded social media users have joined the circle to help each other by promoting each other. This is how, without spending a penny users can easily get thousands of likes, followers and bookmarks simply by participating in our network. On the other hand, when time matters, advertisers can simply buy credits or guaranteed social media marketing packages to automate everything.


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You earn coins when you Like, Share, Surf, Watch, Follow others' campaigns
You spend coins when others Like, Share, Surf, Watch, Follow your campaigns

Watch this demo to find out how it works inside socialclickers

How Virtus Cipher utilized socialclickers to multiply Social Media Growth (randomly taken from internet)